A little about me and what I do:

I am originally from the Wilmington area- born in Media, Pennsylvania . I graduated from Ursuline Academy and spent some time at the University of Delaware where I studied art, art history, French and English literature, then transferred to Marlboro College, a small liberal arts school in the mountains of southern Vermont. I graduated in 1991 with a degree in French literature. I spent the next few years living in central Vermont where I worked at a variety of jobs, engaged in all sorts of creative pursuits and spent as much time as I could outdoors: swimming, biking and hiking. Whew!

I had felt drawn to massage for a long time, and in 1996 took my first course. There I found I could channel my creative energies into something engaging and healing. I had a gifted teacher who encouraged us to tap into our intuition and pay attention to our breath. I had always loved to stretch and move my body, and when I started taking yoga classes the following year I knew I had found a home and a natural compliment to my work as a massage therapist. I felt compelled to dive into this practice, sensing there infinite possibilities for healing and spiritual growth.

I worked for 3 years as a massage therapist at Topnotch Spa and Resort in Stowe, Vermont, which I consider to have been my “massage bootcamp”. At the spa, with my private clients, and people I worked with at free health clinic in Barre, VT, I developed clinical and intuitive skills that enable me to create massage sessions that are tailored to clients’ individual needs.

I came back to Delaware in 2000 to be closer to my family and get more extensive training and certification in massage therapy. I have worked in private practice since coming home and began teaching yoga in 2001. The combination of the two disciplines feels very complimentary- as a massage therapist, I use my hands and as a teacher, my voice, to help client or student open up, release restrictions and find space for the breath to move more freely. While each modality has a technical aspect, there is a creative and intuitive element which I find deeply satisfying. I consider them both to be “healing arts”, which lead to a greater sense of self-awareness, integration, and healing on every level.

I am often asked about the diver image on my business cards- while I love to be in the water, what the image evokes for me on a deeper level is the feeling of “flow” experienced in a good massage session or yoga class.



200 hour yoga teacher training with Adrienne Jamiel of the Dharmic Institute in New York City (www.dharmicinstitute.com)

200 hour yoga teacher training at Yoga On Main in Manayunk, PA (www.yogaonmain.com)

numerous additional workshops and classes

past president of the Greater Wilmington Yoga Association (www.gwyoga.org)

200 hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Alliance (www.yogaalliance.org)

Teaching since 2001


Universal Institute of the Healing Arts, Montpelier, Vermont

Pennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy, Oaks, PA

levels I & II Thai Yoga-Bodywork

level I Reiki

numerous additional trainings & workshops

in practice since 1996

nationally certified, state licensed