Integrative Massage & Bodywork

Massage and bodywork are essential components of a holistic healthcare regimen. Using an integrative approach means two things: integrating a variety of modalities and techniques based on the needs of each client, and creating the space in each session for the integration that occurs with deepened inner awareness and relaxation, regardless of the specific issues being addressed or techniques employed.

  • Swedish massage- circulation, relaxation, rejuvenation

  • DeepTissue/ Sports Massage- deep relief, muscle release, treatment of injury and pain

  • Hot & Cold Stone Massage- luxurious spa treatment to melt tension from body and mind, get grounded

  • Thai Yoga-Bodywork- stretch, open, breathe, get energy flowing. “like having yoga done to you”


One-half hour $   55.00
One hour $   85.00
75 minutes $ 100.00
90 minutes $ 115.00
Two hours $ 145.00

discounted wellness packages *

One hour session

   5 for $   400.00
 10 for $   750.00

90 minute session

  5 for $    550.00
10 for $ 1,050.00

* pre-paid and scheduled within a two-month period

By appointment only: 302-563-8976
24 hour cancellation policy

“Kerry Orr’s touch is sure and true. She is intuitive, knowledgeable, compassionate, and strong.”
-E.M. Montpelier, VT

"Kerry really knows what my body needs. Her massages are both healing and rejuvenating."
-R.L. Hockessin, DE